Treetops lodge – Aberdares and Mount Kenya Region

Aberdares Safari Camps and Lodges

Nestled in the Aberdares Forest, Treetops lodge – a rustic treehouse, is famous as the place where Princess Elizabeth ascended to the British Throne in 1952.

Strategically sited on an ancient elephant migration route and facing a watering hole and salt lick, the lodge is well-placed to view elephants, buffaloes, rhinos and more.

Treetops lodge-on-stilts is as space-efficient on the inside as it is unassuming on the outside. Trees grow right through the building. There are 48 cozy rooms and two suites, a lounge overlooking the waterhole and two bars.

Activities you may engage in while staying at the Treetops hotel in the Aberdares and Mount Kenya region include Game drive in Aberdare National Park. The park is home to 2000 elephants that roam the clouded hills, and the remaining habitat of the elusive Bongo antelope and giant forest hog. Black Rhinos also roam the wilds and large herds of buffaloes can be seen in most areas of the park.

Carnivores in the park are, leopard, African wild cat, spotted hyena, African civet and the rare golden and serval cat. Over 290 bird species have been recorded. Forests of Aberdare region are world renowned for their wealth in biodiversity compelling reason for a game drive.