Aberdares National Park

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The Aberdares are an isolated volcanic range that forms the eastern wall of the rift valley, running roughly 100km north south between Nairobi and Thomsons Falls. Soils are red and of volcanic origin, but rich in organic matter. There are two main peaks, Ol Donyo Lesatima (3,999m) and Kinangop (3,906m) separated by a long saddle of alpine moorland at over 3,000m. The topography is diverse with deep ravines that cut through the forested eastern and western slopes and there are many clear streams and waterfalls. The Aberdares are an important water catchment area providing water to the Tana and Athi rivers and part of Central Rift and Northern drainage basins.

There is a road which traverses the Aberdares National Park mountains from Naivasha to Nyeri which can be handled by a sturdy car in good weather. At its maximum elevation the road passes through misty moorlands at about 3350m where strange six metre tall mutants of alpine plants groundsel, erica, hypericum, lobelia and sennecio – grow in profusion. Icy rivers plunge in glorious cascades and spectacular waterfalls. The Salient which thrusts a dense forest through rich farmland is where both Treetops and the Ark are situated.

Game Viewing/Wildlife in the Aberdares National Park is very rewarding, Lion, Leopards, Baboon, black and white Columbus and Sykes are abundant. Rare sighting of the golden Cats,  Bongo a rare and elusive forest antelope, Elephant, Buffalo, Giant Forest Hog and Kenya’s indigenous and endangered Black Rhino

As the Aberdares mountain range slopes off to the east you’ll find the well-known safari lodges;

These lodges are also one of the main attractions of the Aberdares as both are built above the ground beside floodlit waterholes with salt licks. Elephant, buffalo, rhino, leopard and bushbuck are regular visitors to the waterholes at night. This area was put on the tourist map in 1950 when Princess Elizabeth became Queen of England while she was on safari in the Aberdares.

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